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About NBF

Nova Business Finance is a SME finance specialist.

How many times have we all heard the same thing?

a great idea,

a good business,

a great service,

a fantastic product, BUT

Some of these small to medium businesses can’t get finance or they collapse because they can’t manage the cash flow.

In business, “CASH IS KING” and most of the time, unless you have “bricks and mortar” on the line – forget about asking for finance.

Cash Flow Finance

Call it what you like;

  • Debtor finance,
  • Invoice discounting,
  • Factoring,
  • Invoice finance

It all means broadly the same thing. An advance against the invoices you just sold.

Like we always say, CASH IS KING.

We have seen literally hundreds of profitable business with great goods or fantastic services collapse because they can’t afford to pay their bills, why? Because they can’t get paid for what they have sold.

So while they wait to get “their money” they can’t pay the wages, pay the rent or phone bill. They can’t take on more sales staff or carry more stock or generally; make the most of their business.

Sounds familiar!

I think so!

If this is you; you need to talk to Nova Business Finance. We can turn your invoices into cash in 24 to 48 hours so you can pay your wages, your rent, your phone bill, and grow your business and most of all:


We can work with most businesses that sell on credit. Unfortunately we can’t always help businesses in the building industry where they have progress draws or retention payments, but we can often find answers anyway.

Specialists in Debtor Finance, Invoice Factoring Finance, Merchant Cash Advance, Insurance Premium Funding, Export & Import Trade Finance and Short Term Business Loans.

Why is Nova Business Finance is different?

  • We think outside the square
  • We have a different view of “risk” from a bank or traditional lender
  • We are “solutions focused”
  • We can finance “trade”
  • We can move quickly
  • We finance growth

Are you different, too?

Do you have a good business or a good idea?

It may be well worth your while to talk to the small business finance experts at Nova Business Finance.

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If your invoices total $20K, you will receive $16K.
If your invoices total $100K, you will receive $80K.
(Usually 80% of total amount*.)

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